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Fox Facts - 20 Illustrated Cards



Foxes are fascinating, intelligent creatures, and their history as a species is rich, humorous and often heartbreaking all at once.

The fox is found in every continent except Antarctica, with 12 true species and 12 closely linked species within the Canidae family. This abundance may explain why they feature so heavily in the folklore and mythology of many different cultures.

Almost without exception the cunning and clever character in fables and fairytales, they have been targeted as the sly villain for too long, victimised in cruel, blood sports and stereotyped as an urban pest.

These illustrated fox cards aim to reconnect us with the fox and explore its eccentric history and relationship with the human being.

The set contains 20 post cards in an illustrated, protective box. With fox illustrations on one side, and factual information about foxes on the other, the set is both pretty and eduational, and an ideal gift for anyone who loves foxes!

Measurements and Materials

The set contains 20 A7 sized cards made from 100% post industrial waste fibres and handmade in Scotland by a fox lover.