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Fox Miniature Concertina Postcard Book


This little concertina booklet of miniature postcards shows an ombre rainbow of urban foxes, in shades of orange, pink, red and indigo.

There are seven postcards in total, which can be cut along the perforated line and removed from the book.

Vulpes of the Canidae family, the fox comes in many shades, shapes and forms. A popular little creature in literature, illustration, and in the forest and city alike, they're known for their cunning intellect and delicate pounce. Why not send one of these little fox postcards to a friend, or frame it in a tiny box frame on your wall?

Measurements and Materials

The postcards measure 70 x 90mm, and are handmade from 100% recycled 270gsm card.

They're printed on both sides with a space for an address and stamp on the back. The postcard book comes packaged in a decorative card package.