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Hedgehog and Pinecones Gift Wrapping Set


Regrettably for the hedgehog lovers among us, it's relatively rare to see one of these animals during the day, as they prefer to spend the bright hours hidden under brambles and foliage. In ancient folklore, a popular myth was that hedgehogs would climb up apple trees, knock the fruit down and then roll across the apples to pick them up on their spines, as a way of carrying them home to their burrows!

This gift wrapping kit is a hedgehog lover's treasure trove. Printed in earthy shades of shiny gold, burnt umber and plum, it contains everything you need to create some lovely, woodland themed parcels for a special occasion. All you require to complete the job is some tape and a pair of scissors to cut the ribbon to size.

The pack contains:

2 x sheets of tissue paper in my Hedgehog and Pinecones design, litho printed in burgundy ink and gold foil.

2 x large luggage tags, with twine for hanging

1 metre of thick burgundy twine

Measurements and Materials

The 30gsm tissue paper sheets measure 600 x 400mm. The sheets are packed folded twice.

Gift tags measure 140 x 50mm.