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prism of starlings stationery

Prism of Starlings is a constantly evolving and expanding collection of stationery which was established in 2011. The collection is designed and conceptualised by illustrator Kirsty Baynham in her Edinburgh studio, where she hops between painting, sewing, designing, reading and feeding the local swans.

The artist's illustrations explore real and imagined worlds captured in ethereal patterns, representing the beautiful and unworldly shapes created by the light, energy and uncertainty around us.

Fascinated equally by stark, unpolluted nature and enchantingly unnatural simulations of life, and stemming from a deep love of the pattern making process, her illustrations pursue a fusion of textures, colours and qualities that evoke memories, folk tales and the unlimited imagination of the subconsciousness.

You are invited to browse this illustrated collection in its natural habitat. All items are produced with a focus on ethical production and, where possible, are handmade from recycled materials.Save