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2019 DIY Pop-Up Menagerie Desk Calendar



This 2019, DIY, pop-up calendar kit contains templates for twelve different animals, one to illustrate each month of the year. Each comes with a little colourful stand. The animals include a floral patterned Indian elephant, a leaping fox, prowling tiger and a majestic peacock...

Simply follow the instructions given to make your pop-up desk creatures. All you need is a pair of sharp scissors and a steady hand!

The DIY kit comes in a fold-out book format with full instructions for completing your pop-up calendar. Every month, you can create only the animal you for that month and keep the others in the sturdy book for safekeeping.

Measurements and Materials

Made from fully recycled, 350gsm card.

The animals are varying in size, with the largest (elephant) measuring 100 x 155mm and the smallest (owl) measuring 100 x 55mm.